St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Student Center

The Chaplains' Scholarship Fund

St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Student Center is here to support the spiritual journey as well as the academic pursuits of our college students.

We are proud to announce that we have established an endowment through the Catholic Foundation for Northwest Indiana which will support our new scholarship fund.

The Catholic Foundation for Northwest Indiana empowers people to express their faith by providing perpetual financial support for Diocesan ministries, parishes, and schools.
The Chaplains' Scholarship Fund will annually award a $1,000 scholarship to four individual students. One graduating high school senior and three Valparaiso University students (one current freshman, sophomore, and junior).

Awards will be given for the following academic year.

All eligible applicants are invited to apply.

Each scholarship gift awarded will be in the amount of $1,000. The scholarship award will be deposited directly with the Financial Aid office.

Applications can be picked up at the St. T’s office on the first Friday of February and should be returned to the office by last Friday in February.

Many of you know that Fr. Kevin McCarthy and the pastoral council began a scholarship endowment for the students so that we can offer four students scholarships for the upcoming school year.

The Chaplains’ Scholarship will honor all of the priests who have served here since its original days as Thunderhouse and all throughout its history as St. Teresa of Avila.
Many of you know that Fr. Joseph Murphy recently passed away and it was his passing that really helped us to think of a way to honor all our priests. He was the very first chaplain of Thunderhouse when the idea was formed in 1973. He and Monsignor Charlebois made a $100 bid on the office building and won! Then they raised the funds to move the building to where we are today.

Since then, we have had had a number of priests serve here including: Fr. Joseph Murphy, Fr. Michael Ruggaber, Fr. Timothy Benante, Fr. John Savio, Fr. Roy Beeching, Fr. Tom Mischler, Fr. Terry Chase, Fr. Doug Mayer, and Fr. Kevin McCarthy.

The Foundation has told us that in order to continue the four scholarships we need at least $80,000. I want to invite you to join me in making a gift to The Chaplains’ Scholarship as a way of helping our students and honoring the priests who have generously served our community.

Faithfully Yours in the Lord,
Fr. Chris

Click Here for an Application

If you are interested in donating to The Chaplains' Scholarship Fund, please talk to Fr. Chris or Scott. 

Click here for a printable scholarship application.

Past recipients include:


Maeve Crowley, Joseph Maggio, Eve Hammersley, Katie Hamer, and Teresa Pocius 



Elizabeth Bloy, Aaron Brunner, Andy Alessio, Erin Brown, and Evan Thorstad

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