St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Student Center

Middle School Youth Ministry

Service Activities

Each year we participate in United Way Youth Day of Caring. There is a service activity planned on one Saturday morning a month. Additionally there are always ways to serve at St. Teresa's soup kitchen, Cafe Manna.

Middle School Nights

Middle School Nights will be held on Sunday nights in Avila Hall. Topics vary depending on the time of year or current event. A meal is always provided.

Grasta De

Grasta De is a special day for middle school youth to come together and CELEBRATE faith! Featuring upbeat music, an excellent speaker, youth-friendly learning sessions, food, dancing, skits, mass with the Bishop, and meeting other youth from across the diocese who LOVE CHRIST! and aren't afraid to show it!


Held in the spring semester, the middle school lock-in is a great way to meet new friends, grow closer to Christ, and stay up all night eating sugar!

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