St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Student Center

Cafe Manna is a valuable ministry for our VU college students!!

On any given Thursday during the school year you might find 10-20 students doing ministry at Café Manna. We also have 2 students who co-ordinate all the volunteers and assign tasks to them. Just ask one of the college students who spends a couple of hours here on Thursday afternoons and see what they have to tell you. Believe me, the rewards that volunteers receive may not be tangible but they sure do warm your heart. 

If you are a Valparaiso University student and would like to volunteer at Cafe Manna, please email for details. 

Want to make a monetary donation to Cafe Manna? 

It's simple to make a monetary donation to Cafe Manna.  All you have to do is make a check payable to St. Teresa of Avila and in the memo section write Cafe Manna.  Donations can be sent to:

St. Teresa of Avila

1511 Laporte Avenue

Valparaiso, IN 46383

What is Café Manna?

Are you wondering what people are talking about when you hear them mention Café Manna? You may not know that Café Manna is a soup kitchen here at St. Teresa's every Thursday that began back in December of 2001. This is an outreach ministry here at St. T's that has become a very important part of who we are as community and our hope is that everyone here will be a part of this ministry in some way.

How do we support Cafe Manna?

Café Manna has been fortunate to be financially self-sufficient since its inception. God has blest us with the generosity and support of this faith community, surrounding churches both Catholic and non-Catholic, and the greater Valparaiso community. We are always most grateful to those who wish to make monetary contributions or donations of food to make sure that this outreach ministry continues to succeed.

How can YOU help?   

Each week we have teams of volunteers who bring a dessert or salad for our guests to enjoy.  Most weeks we serve 350 guests and that takes a lot of salads and desserts to make sure there is enough to go around.  Ideally each salad or dessert should feed 15 to 20 people. It takes quite a few people willing to share their gifts and talents each week.  We also need people later in the evening for about an hour to help with clean-up, from 6:15-7:15pm.  In the summer when the students are gone we always need people to come, serve and visit with guests, as well as the usual clean-up tasks. Whatever your gifts of time and talent may be they can always be put to good use at Café Manna!

Interested in helping at Cafe Manna?

If you are a Valparaiso University student and would like to volunteer for Cafe Manna, please email for information.  

If you are a community member and are interested in how to become involved or would like more information about Café Manna please call the office 464-4042.

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